Hi, I’m Marcelo, a senior product designer

Currently: Meta • London, UK

Specialised in building and shipping engaging products and features. I love solving complex problems while keeping the user at the core of everything I do. More about me

More recently I've been leading the design systems stream at Trainline and building Depot, a cross-platform (web, iOS, Android) design system from the ground up. Previously in charge of the Web booking flow.

I love solving complex problems, building and improving products throughout their lifecycle: setting the vision and strategic goals with the heads of business, ideating UX and UI outcomes that finely balance product management, development, marketing and user needs.

I believe usability goes hand in hand with design. Form follows function. There is no point in having a beautiful interface if your product isn't solving a real user need.

I am also hugely passionate about people, teams, processes and DesignOps. I have experience mentoring team members on big projects as well as setting up process that increase the efficiency of design.

Outside of work, I love tinkering with IoT, building my own smart devices, contributing to the Home Assistant community with my design skills, playing and recording rock guitars, the occasional DIY project, Nintendo games, food, coffee, travelling, and being a loving dad to my young son.

Recent work


I don’t always give talks about design, but when I do, I post them here.


Building a Design System

@ Trainline TechSummit 2021


High Fidelity prototyping

@ Convey Paris 2018



As a way to pay it forward to the design community and become a better mentor, I offer my time on ADPList. Feel free to book a slot to talk about anything design related.

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